Specialist Day School for children with communication challenges and associated difficulties.


About Our School

Aurora Redehall School supports children aged 6-19 years with communication difficulties typically associated with Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism.

Students are likely to experience challenges with social communication and interaction with others and may have additional issues around their understanding of the social rules. These difficulties can impact on their emotional wellbeing, behaviour and ability to participate in education.

Larger environments requiring movement between classrooms, noise and big groups can create anxieties which become a barrier to learning and social development, resulting in many having extended periods out of school and then falling behind their peers.

Redehall School provides a learning structure and environment conducive to this specific student profile, designed to help them re-engage with learning and enjoy school life. With the right support, most students have the opportunity to achieve academic success and can work towards GCSEs and equivalent qualifications.

Specialist teaching and integrated therapeutic support, together with small classes and a nurturing approach give them the opportunity to work at a pace that’s right for them. We help build self-esteem and confidence, work on strategies to support students’ individual needs and enable them to focus on their education, alongside the development of their social skills.

Student Profile

Age: 6-19 years

Gender: Mixed

Special Education Needs: Communication difficulties and associated difficulties typically related to Asperger’s Syndrome, Higher Functioning Autism and other conditions

High levels of support: all students are provided with enhanced support throughout the school day and provision can be made for those requiring higher levels of support, either full time or periodically, to enable access to the curriculum and participation in school activities. 

Flexible placements: education is delivered for 38 weeks of the year and we accept students throughout the year.

Integrated Therapeutic Support: clinical and therapeutic input is integral to the educational approach and is fully integrated into the classroom, throughout the school day to enable students to fully access the curriculum.

Our Vision - Preparing for Adulthood

It’s quite simple – we believe in empowering uniqueness. We want every child and young person to achieve their full potential; educationally, socially and personally. We work with students to help them grow and develop in their own unique and inspiring ways. 

Ultimately, our aim is to ensure young people are prepared for their future, by giving them strategies to have choices in life – whether that’s further education, which includes being able to access mainstream settings, training, college or to explore job opportunities.

Our Service & Facilities


The school occupies a small site near Horley in Surrey, designed to provide all the essential resources, but on a smaller scale that is easier for students to cope with and better suited to their needs. 

The school provides:

  • Specialist teaching and high staff ratios

  • Small classes of up to 6 students

  • Therapists with designated therapy areas

  • Break out rooms for calm time

  • IT in every class

  • Outdoor play areas

  • Community Links

Our Approach to Education – One size does not fit all

School Day

Students can arrive at 8.30 for Breakfast Club if required. Standard arrival time is 8.50, with registration at 9.00. The school morning runs from 9.00– 12.30, with a 20-minute break and the afternoon, runs from 13.15 – 15.15. Students are then collected between 15.15 – 15.30 from the dining room, where there is an opportunity to hand over any messages or information from the day.



Aurora Redehall School offers person-centred programmes with a therapeutic approach. The curriculum is broad, balanced and differentiated, based on the National Curriculum, where subjects are personalised to take account of abilities, interests and needs. Tasks and activities are planned on an individualised basis, so they’re meaningful, relevant and achievable. Our curriculum puts the young person right at the centre of everything we do. We take a ‘multi agency’ approach to building the curriculum offer and ensure we have had input from the individual, their family and outside professionals.

Our curriculum is made up of 4 key layers:

  • Broad based Core curriculum

  • The Support curriculum nurtures the development of the ‘whole person’

  • The Extension curriculum stretches and challenges students

  • Enrichment curriculum involves extra-curricular activities.

Core: We can be flexible with how we deliver our core curriculum so it is appropriate to the student’s needs, whether that is P-Levels for those at the earlier stages of development, functional skills for a more practical approach, or the National Curriculum for those students working at a higher than/age-related level.

Support: The Support curriculum underpins our Integrated Therapeutic Approach. Although these elements are led by our Speech and Language Therapist (SALT), Occupational Therapist (OT), Clinical Psychologist and ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant), delivery is integrated into the classroom. The elements offered include, transition into the Redehall programme, early communication skills curriculum, music/art/drama/play therapy sessions. 

The Support Curriculum is fundamental to ensuring young people are ready to learn. If students aren’t engaged – they can’t learn. This is why the Core and Support elements work together in a modular fashion. We adjust the balance between academic study and supportive/therapeutic delivery to best meet individual needs. This adjustment will be flexible and regularly reviewed to ensure it is just right. Our drive is always towards reducing the support and increasing independence so we can better prepare the students for ‘real-life’. However, if the student is experiencing difficulties we will, of course, look to increase therapeutic approaches to get them back on-track.

Extension: When the young person is safe and secure in their learning, and ready to be challenged. We look to add additional elements including, field trips, 1:1 study, travel training, enterprise, supported internships and work experience placements.

Enrichment: Learning isn’t just about the classroom and is extended to the local community and surrounding areas, where students can practice their skills in everyday settings with support. We take advantage of local amenities such as the swimming pool and trips to the Surrey Hills and West Sussex Coast and there are opportunities for the students to take part in enrichment curriculum activities such as: Duke of Edinburgh Award, Forest School and cross school competitive sports. 

Community Involvement

At Aurora Redehall we are well placed to take the learning out into the community. We have a bus stop right outside the school to facilitate travel training. We are part of a small village with local shops that we can access as part of our life skills curriculum. Other close amenities we use include local leisure centre and green spaces for outdoor study and forest school.

We work closely with families to develop strategies so that they can access these same local amenities at weekends with greater success.

We’re all about Outcomes

On a young person's very first day at Aurora Redehall School, we start thinking and planning for their last day. What is the young person’s potential? How can they maximise this? What will their outcomes be? And what support will get them to their chosen destination? For some, progression back to mainstream may be appropriate and achievable with the right support.

Whatever their outcome – we build their programme around it.

Evidence of progress/performance of students for the previous academic year is available from the school upon request.


How to Find Us


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Address: Aurora Redehall School, Redehall Rd, Smallfield, Nr. Horley,Surrey, RH6 9QA

Tel: 01342 778650

Email: RedehallSchool@the-aurora-group.com

Referral Enquires: referrals@the-aurora-group.com

Headteacher: Jon Sillar

Proprietor/Governing Body: Jeanette Young

The Aurora Group, 33 Holborn, London, EC1N 2HT

Tel: 020 3617 0170

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