Warm praise for Aurora Brambles East School

A parent recently contacted our Headteacher at Aurora Brambles East School to share her delight at her son’s school report and the progress he has made since joining the school. This is what she had to say:


“To read things such as him being ‘popular’, ‘polite’ and that school are ‘lucky to have him’, is absolutely overwhelming! You've only seen the Dave you see now, but from reception until six weeks before he came to you, Dave hated school, hated learning, had no trust of adults in authority and had multiple exclusions. He's done PRU, youth offending camps, and everyone sent him away with a truly depressing report. 

Dave himself was keen to see what you'd said and read every single comment and compare it to the previous ones we've had from his past two schools. He himself stated that he'd never been prouder of seeing those things written about him. This praise is definitely a driver for his continuing success at school and he beamed all day and requested I share it with grandparents. 

You and your team have managed to pull out of Dave what we always knew was there. You've not micromanaged some of his teenage boy silliness and as such, in Daves words, he 'never needs to react'. The teaching is delivered at a level that interests him and he wants to please. He loves the banter and honesty with staff and the fact that rewards are immediate and followed through. This is very important to him and he's experiencing success in the classroom for the first time. 

As a family, we are so grateful to the school for helping Dave to just be 'Dave' and not have to keep up the bravado of ‘challenge’ and ‘fight or flight’. He's relaxed at home and the benefits we have seen since he started attending Brambles East have been HUGE!

His report is getting framed! I couldn't speak more highly of the school and I work in over 100 schools. I am a very proud parent.”

Parent of student at Aurora Brambles East School, August 2017

*The student’s name has been changed to protect his identity.