Our Positive Work in Action

We are tremendously proud of the work that goes on at our services, day in, day out. The positive work of our staff can have a lifelong impact on an individual and their family, which is perfectly illustrated in this compliment we received from a parent of a pupil attending Aurora Keyes Barn School earlier this week.

Keyes Barn School, we salute you. 


"Since our son began attending Aurora Keyes Barn school, our hopes and dreams for his future are now firmly in our mind, prior to this we were in turmoil for him as he was passed from one school to the other with them all never knowing how to support him in the best possible way, his self-esteem was non-existent, he had no friends or education and we were struggling to see a positive future for him.

Yet, now he is at Keyes Barn we can smile again and feel that actually, our little boy can make something of himself and his future. He is liked and cared for at school in a way he has never felt before in all previous education. Finally, he sees himself in a positive way and feels success and belief that he can achieve anything he wants in the world.

The Keyes Barn staff are attentive and caring and support our son in the most positive and effective way, they keep and maintain structure and routine which we have come to know is highly important in our son’s life and they are also nurturing, a key part of what was missing in all his previous 3 schools. Our son now knows what it feels like to be liked and understood and helped and supported well and not cast aside as the ‘troubled child’, often getting labelled by both staff and peers, but Keyes Barn has turned that around for him and he has an internal belief in himself that we as his parents have never seen before.


The staff are responsive and no matter how many times I ring they are always helpful and supportive and call me back if not available, even after school has finished! So, thank you Keyes Barn staff for all that you do, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts all of you, you are wonderful and we are proud to say that our son attends your school, you surpass our expectations.

I just wanted to say a little extra about Miss De Noojier, your leadership skills and attention to detail in respect of our son’s support are amazing and he really respects you and looks up to you."  

Parent of pupil at Keyes Barn School, August 2017

"It’s a very good school, they help you a lot, they have very nice teachers." 

Pupil at Keyes Barn School, August 2017