Best Hotel visit in ages!

Rosie Andrews, Director of Marketing & Communications for Aurora Group, shares her experience at Foxes Hotel this week


I had the absolute delight to stay at Foxes Hotel in Minehead on Monday night. From the time my colleague Emma and I arrived, to the time we left, we were treated to a wonderful experience that left me relaxed and euphoric. If you want a spectacular sea view from your room, warm, friendly and superb service, wholesome and tasty homemade food and an atmosphere that is constantly buzzing with activity but calming at the same time – then look no further!  And all for the modest price of £45 per night including a hearty breakfast.

The learners at Foxes Academy run the show. All 83 of them! (taking it in turns with a tightly planned rota). They do the cooking, housekeeping, food service and provide an amazing experience for their guests while developing their own independence, confidence in interacting with others and learning a real trade for when they finish their college course.

TheSpecialNeedsHotel_EP1 (6).jpg

Last week Foxes Principal Tracy talked about the importance of employment for people with disabilities at an event they held at the RAC in London which was attended by Penny Mourdant, the Disability Minister. Foxes is an exemplar in what preparing for adulthood and employment is all about and we are so proud to have Foxes under the Aurora umbrella now. I spent time with learners and staff and we talked about what it means to all of us to be part of the same group.  They certainly seem as happy as we are about the new arrangements (although it could have been the fabulous array of cakes we all scoffed made by the students) and I’m looking forward to supporting the team there and learning so much more from them all myself.