Aurora Eccles Schools 550 Mile Round-trip for Silver DofE Assessments Ends in Success!

Students at Aurora Eccles School have had an amazing few days in Wales as part of their Silver DofE Assessments.

After lots of hard work and a great amount of determination and teamwork shown throughout four continuous days of canoeing, they all succeeded in PASSING their assessments!

Check out what they got up to below!


We’ve made it to sunny Wales, after the long 225 mile drive! All children are in good spirits, with massive smiles grinning away whilst tucking into their meatballs and pasta...with healthy extras!

Tents are all pitched, the children are washing up and sun is shining across the Brecon's! Happy Sunday!


The first day of the DofE expedition begins! Children are banging on the caravan at the crack of dawn, no we didn’t oversleep!

This morning all participants cooked themselves breakfast, washed up, packed down the tents and loaded up the bus ready to hit the road to get the canoes ready for the next three days, as well as meeting the folks from Karos Adventure!

After a quick briefing, they grabbed their paddles and took to the mighty River Wye.

With the children on the water, we decided to tackle Lord Hereford’s Knob - instead of taking the standard scenic footpath which takes around an hour each way according to the locals... in true military style we went straight up the side of the summit and did it in 15 minutes…. a true leg burner!!

After a full on day of paddling it’s now time to set up camp for the evening. The children cook their evening grub, wash up, chill out and settle down for the night! Another epic day on the water, for all!


Breakfast cooked, utensils washed up, tents packed, dry bags packed and canoes ready to be launched! The happy campers are ready to get back on the water!

Today Mr Burroughs, Mr Miah and Mr Brownlee took to the water and completed the 20KM journey on the canoes and realised how physically demanding it is and all the hard work the participants have had to put in for this expedition!

The team showed the true Eccles spirits with each other and the assessor noticed that. One of the team got cold when the cloud cover came over, and the children stopped and unpacked the dry bags to lend her some jumpers and get her warm. Joe managed to crash himself into a tree and they paddled over to rescue him! - Great to see them all looking out for each other!

This evening after they all cooked, ate and washed up - they had the offer to go swimming in some Rapids! Another full day of smiles.

Time to camp out for the last night and prepare for the last day of paddling tomorrow, then the mighty road trip back to Eccles!


All the children were up this morning, a little tired but determined to get a good distance done in an outstanding time, and after another hard working day of solid paddling…. They have completed their Silver DofE expedition! 

All of them have shown great determination and support for each other whilst on the water or at Camp.

Great effort Silvers! You have all PASSED!

Now to load up the trailer with canoes and the minibus with bags, hit the road and make are way back down to Eccles! 

Congratulations to all of the students who completed this. A wonderful achievement and outstanding team work, you should all be proud of yourselves!

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