A Day in the Life of a Support Worker

John is a support worker at Hedgeway - here’s what he has to say about his typical working day

A student and staff taking their lesson outside

A student and staff taking their lesson outside

What does the role of a support worker entail?

To put it simply, my role is to come into work and support and encourage the children to achieve their goals and aspirations. By supporting the children through their daily routines, keeping them safe and helping them express their wishes and views I can help build their confidence so they can live the life they want.

Like any other job, there is the paperwork and reporting side to it. We have to ensure we maintain detailed and factual notes about children’s progress and any issues or changes that happen, so the rest of the team and parents/carers can be kept up to date.

We have such a supportive team here and there’s always someone to turn to if you need some advice or help. I attend weekly meetings with the team and liaise regularly with external professionals to ensure we continue to give the children the best support possible.

What would a typical day look like for you?

I start by waking the children up at 07:00 – 07:30 am and get them ready for school. I then take them to school for an 8.45 – 9.00am start.

While they’re at school I clean the house to ensure its tidy for when they return home in the afternoon. I then make sure all the daily activities are complete and start preparing dinner.

I use this quiet time while the children are at school to ensure all the paperwork and reports are complete, as once the children get home from school it’s all go again and my focus and attention are on them.

At 3:15 pm I pick the children up from school and take them to any after school activities they may have in the local area. If it’s a free evening, we will head home and I help them with any homework that needs doing and then we will all sit down for an evening meal.

The children have daily chores assigned to them, which sometimes they can be a little reluctant to do, but with some gentle persuasion, they usually get them all completed without much fuss.

Once everyone’s homework and the evening routines are complete, it’s time to ensure the children are calm, settled and ready to go to bed.

What is the most enjoyable part of the role?

It has to be being with the children. They are such characters and have a great sense of humour. It’s amazing to be part of their lives and see the progress they make as they develop and grow. There really isn’t anything more rewarding than that.

What is it like working at our children’s home?

The team is great. I think care work brings such a diverse group of people together, that it creates a very unique atmosphere. Everybody here is professional and takes what they do very seriously, but there’s a fun and relaxed atmosphere and it’s a pleasure to come into work each day.

*Johns real name has been changed.

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