Science Fair at St Christopher's School

Exploding volcanoes and balloon propelled hovercraft's were all part of Aurora St Christopher’s fantastic Science Fair. Together pupils, staff and parents enjoyed following the Science Fair Map to explore the brilliant range of science experiments at each work station. All the experiments were practical and allowed everyone to get actively involved. 

Pupils had fun experimenting with forces and learning how to explore objects which included creating balloon propelled hovercraft's and balloon powered rockets! 

Pupils worked with Class Teacher Katy to investigate ‘matter’ and the changing state of materials by making vanilla ice-cream. Everybody enjoyed tasting the ice-cream outside in the sunshine.

Next up pupils learnt how to explore sound by using a range of instruments and learnt how to amplify the sounds they were making, through strumming and tapping. 

The highlight of the fair was when the pupils learnt how to create an exploding volcano. They started by mixing the different materials together, then poured the mixture inside the volcano, and everyone watched with excitement as the mixture reacted and the volcano erupted!

At the last two stations pupils experimented with filtering, using sieves and colanders to separate different materials. Particularly popular was separating chocolate buttons from flour. They then moved onto the last station where they created a sensory shaker. Class Teachers Amanda and Lottie modelled using scientific language to show an awareness of change and supported pupils to each create their own multi-coloured, sensory shaker to take home.

Well done everyone and keep experimenting!