Aurora Futures: Great Minds Think Differently

Lots of people with learning difficulties and disabilities want to have a job but find it difficult to know how to get one that’s right for them and they often face a myriad of barriers into employment. Some of these can be around practical skills needed and some around attitudes of others as to what they can contribute and achieve in the workplace.  

The percentage of people with learning disabilities in paid employment has decreased over the past four years in England, dropping from 7.1% to 6% and fewer than 10,000 people in fully paid jobs.
— The Health and Social Care Information Centre

Aurora has devised unique opportunities for people with learning difficulties and disabilities to tackle these barriers through a series of work-based learning programmes. Created for people to gain the skills they will need for the workplace, these programmes address the practical obstacles and positively promote the immense benefits that a diverse workforce brings to employers – after all great minds think differently.

At Aurora, we believe in recognising and celebrating the differences that make us all unique. We have high expectations and an empowering approach which helps everyone who joins our work-based learning programmes achieve their goals and supports them to find the job that will give them greater independence.

Pathway 1: Supported Internships

Aurora’s Supported Internships are structured study programmes designed for 16-24 year olds who have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP).  Valuable work experience programmes with an employer are combined with studying for relevant Maths and English qualifications. Supported Internships do not receive a salary but are typically funded by local authorities and last for a minimum of six months and up to 12 months. All interns receive support that is personalised to meet their specific needs and includes Maths and English tutors and their own Job Coach to help them with the programme.

If you are leaving school or college, or have already left and want the skills to get a job, then a Supported Internship Programme might be for you.

Pathway 2: Supported Apprenticeships

Aurora Supported Apprenticeships get people started with a job and help to transform lives. We offer a small number of apprenticeships within our company for 21-24 year olds who have a recognised learning difficulty or disability and are ready for regular work (minimum of 16 hours per week). Our apprenticeships are available in the following areas: IT, administration, reception, health and social care, catering and hospitality. We work closely with local training providers to support these roles and apprenticeships last a minimum of 12 months. 

To be eligible for supported apprenticeship programmes you need to be working towards achieving an Entry Level 3 or above in Maths and English.

In addition to the programmes above, Aurora may be able to offer work experience and apprenticeship opportunities for young people who do not have a recognised learning difficulty or disability.

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