What do we offer?

At Aurora, we don’t focus on one chapter of someone’s life, we focus on the destination they want to end up at. Whether they are moving on from one of our schools or if they’re coming from somewhere else, Aurora has a number of opportunities that can meet their needs. Our adult services include specialist colleges, long term living and employment related services.

Our Services

Specialist Colleges:

We support young adults to gain the skills they need for their future lives – the lives they plan for. Our colleges are designed to enable young people to learn life, enterprise and vocational skills in a supported environment. Young people work in partnership with education, residential, health and well-being teams to build individualised programmes of learning and support. The end goal is what happens after college and our key focus is supporting them reaching that next destination.

Residential Homes and Supported Living:

We can offer transition and long term living options across the UK. Our homes are bright and welcoming where people have access to a wide range of activities and development opportunities. We can support young adults with a range of sensory, learning, physical and communication difficulties and disabilities.

Employment Services:

We enable people with learning difficulties and or disabilities, to have the opportunities to develop their employment skills and move into work. This is through our employment training colleges and supported internships. We build close relationships with employers so that young people can gain their skills in the workplace.


Our objective is to enable everyone who uses our services to achieve their individual goals. We do this by breaking goals down into smaller steps and then working together to achieve them. Young people leaving specialist colleges may move into mainstream further education, residential or supported living or get a job. Young people moving on from our employment services could gain employment with our partner employers or move onto further vocational training.

Learning doesn’t stop when you leave formal education. We are committed to providing learning activities to support individuals to maintain and develop their skills and be ready for the next step in their journey.