Open Days 2017

Come and have a tour of our recently completed school 

Wednesday 6th September - 16:30 - 18:30

Saturday 9th September - 10:00 - 12:00


New SEN day school for children with communication and associated difficulties.

About Our School

Aurora Redehall School supports children aged 6-16 years with communication difficulties typically associated with Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism.

Students are likely to experience challenges with social communication and interaction with others and may have additional issues around their understanding of the social rules. These difficulties can impact on their emotional well-being and ability to participate in education. Larger environments requiring movement between classrooms, noise and big groups can create anxieties which become debilitating and a block to learning, resulting in many having extended periods out of school and then falling behind their peers.

Redehall School provides an environment conducive to learning for this specific student profile, designed to help them re-engage with learning and enjoy school life. With the right support, most students have the opportunity to achieve academic success and work towards GCSEs.

Specialist teaching and therapy support, together with small classes and a nurturing approach give them the opportunity to work at a pace that’s right for them. We help build self-esteem and confidence, work on strategies to support students’ individual needs and enable them to focus on their education, alongside the development of their social skills. 

Our Vision

It’s quite simple – we believe in empowering uniqueness. We want every child and young person to achieve their full potential; educationally, socially and personally. We work with students to help them grow and develop in their own unique and inspiring ways. 

Ultimately, our aim is to ensure young people are prepared for their future, by giving them strategies to have choices in life – whether that’s further education, which includes being able to access mainstream settings, training or to explore job opportunities.

Our Approach to Education – One size does not fit all

Aurora Redehall School offers person-centred programmes with a therapeutic approach. The curriculum will be broad, balanced and differentiated, based on the National Curriculum, where subjects are personalised to take account of abilities, interests and needs. Tasks and activities will be planned on an individualised basis, so they’re meaningful, relevant and achievable.

We encourage students to make choices for themselves and input into their own programmes. They also have opportunities to contribute to the day-to-day running of their school.

Learning isn’t just about the classroom and extends to the local community and surrounding areas, where students can practice their skills in every day settings with support. We take advantage of local amenities such as the swimming pool and trips to the Surrey Hills and West Sussex Coast.

Our Service & Facilities:

The school occupies a small site near Horley in Surrey, designed to provide all the essential resources, but on a smaller scale that is easier for students to cope with and better suited to their needs. 

The school provides:

  • Specialist teaching and high staff ratios

  • Small classes of up to 6 students

  • Specialist classrooms for science/art design, food technology and music

  • Therapists with designated therapy areas

  • Break out rooms for calm time

  • Dining room

  • Freshly prepared meals

  • IT in every class

  • Outdoor play and break areas

  • Classrooms accessible for wheelchair users

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Tel: 020 3617 0170

Address: Aurora Redehall School, Redehall Rd, Smallfield, Nr. Horley, Surrey RH6 9QA