HMRC ruling on backdated payment for ‘sleep-in’ shifts

Our CEO Stephen Bradshaw comments on the recent ruling that nearly 200 providers must make back payments, estimated to total £400 million, to workers who carried out overnight 'sleep in' shifts. 

Stephen said: “The decision by the HMRC to backdate sleep-in pay for the last six years to the tune of £400 million will be disastrous for small social care providers and put many vulnerable adults at risk.

“This issue has been on the horizon for some time but rather than inflict massive financial pain on care homes and special school providers the Government should be working with us to help phase out sleep-in shifts altogether.

“The evidence is clear that both from a safeguarding and a financial perspective waking night shifts make more sense.

“Night staff can be engaged in other activities during their shift while bedrooms with a bathroom can be freed up to increase the occupancy of the home or school.

“The Government should be looking forwards not backwards. It is high time they provided the appropriate funding for social care so that the minimum wage is paid to ALL care staff and sleep-in allowances become a thing of the past.”

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