Autism detectable in brain long before symptoms appear – our thoughts

The Aurora Group CEO Stephen Bradshaw gives his thoughts on the findings that early brain scans could detect autism long before any symptoms start to emerge.

“Early diagnosis of autism has got to be welcomed by parents and professionals alike. If we are able to diagnose a child through MRI scans at an earlier age, then this has to be positive.

For many parents they know there is something ‘different’ about their child from a very early age but do not know what. It is an emotional roller coaster ride until a diagnosis can confirm or deny what the issues are.

Many parents and some professionals don’t like the label of ‘autism’ and that it is regarded as a negative label.  Why? If the stigma was removed and we regarded the label as a signpost, then the process would be positive. We all know that there is not one ‘test’ to identify autism but this is another strong indicator. The importance is not the label but identifying the needs and giving the parent an understanding of what to expect and why behaviours are happening. We need to embrace the child with autism and see the world from their point of view rather than try to get the child to conform to our world.

Surely early diagnosis must be a positive. We should also put to bed the myth that autism is ‘caused’ by the MMR jab.”

Stephen Bradshaw – CEO, The Aurora Group

The full news article ran on the BBC yesterday (15th February 2017)