Welcome to Hanley School

Hello and a warm welcome to Aurora Hanley School. Our vision is quite simple – we believe in empowering uniqueness. We want every child and young person in our service to develop and achieve their full potential; educationally, socially and personally.

By providing person-centred programmes with a therapeutic approach, targeting social skills as well as educational outcomes, we’ll enable students to develop and grow in their own unique and inspiring ways.

About Our School

Aurora Hanley School is a new special school located in the heart of Stoke, offering flexible day and residential placements for students aged 6 to 19 years with complex communication and social difficulties.

Students may be on the autistic spectrum, have Asperger's Syndrome or other difficulties that impact their emotional health and wellbeing and create barriers to learning.

Aurora Hanley provides an educational environment that not only supports these specific learning needs, but also enables students to work at a pace that’s right for them.  With the right support, most students will have the opportunity to achieve academic success and work towards GCSEs and other qualifications.

Our Service and Facilities

The school has been designed specifically to support children who struggle in larger mainstream environments and offers:


  • High staff ratios

  • Small class sizes of up to 6

  • Therapy support including Clinical Psychology

  • Behaviour management programmes

  • Specialist SEN teachers

  • Specialist classrooms; food tech, art/design, science

  • Quiet room and library

Our Approach to Education – One size does not fit all

Aurora Hanley School provides a broad, balanced and differentiated National Curriculum, where subjects are personalised to take account of abilities, interests and needs, to promote positive engagement and achievement. All tasks and activities are person-centred, meaningful and outcomes focused. 

Students benefit from small class groups, high staffing ratios and individual timetables, developed to meet their personal learning styles. They are encouraged to make choices and input into their own programmes and contribute to the day-to-day running of the school.

Education extends into the local community and city, giving students opportunities to learn practically in everyday environments. Outdoor activities are geared towards students developing their self-confidence, tolerance and social skills in a range of stimulating environments.

Every student has a keyworker who offers consistent support and encouragement throughout the school day. Individual behaviour management plans support students’ understanding of how their behaviours impact on them and on others. Increasing this understanding ultimately leads to the joint development of positive self-regulation and coping strategies which in turn helps them to make progress in their learning and have a positive school experience.


Residential Living

Aurora Hanley School provides on-site accommodation, with six spacious and individually designed bedrooms with en-suite shower facilities, a large lounge area, separate games/playroom, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. The living areas are fresh and bright and both the environment and care provided creates a safe, comfortable and nurturing home.

Young people can learn how to cook and are encouraged to look after their rooms and themselves. There are various activities, sports and games on offer and opportunities to develop friendships and explore new interests.  Outings can include visits to the cinema, cafés and shops. 


How to Find Us