"Empowering people through education"

What is the Aurora Foundation?

The Aurora Foundation is a not for profit organisation established to support projects in the UK and abroad which will benefit our students and staff and will provide opportunities for under privileged groups.

Importantly, it's not just about dispensing funds. We look to provide support, expertise and resources to help set up projects and then provide education to all groups involved so that the project can become sustainable and self-sufficient.

What projects does the Foundation support?

Our first focus supports Dream Big Ghana, an initiative established to provide sanitation and education to a community situated in the Volta region of Ghana, two hours from the capital, Accra.

In time, the Aurora Foundation will also be the umbrella organisation through which our individual services (schools and care homes) can fundraise in order to support local projects in their own communities and abroad.

What is the Foundation project model?

For information on who we support and criteria for projects, please see the ‘Project Criteria’ document. The summary below gives you a brief overview of our strategy for projects.

Facilitate: Working with the local communities/groups, we identify issues they are facing and that matter to them, and then work together to come up with sustainable solutions. The Foundation’s role is to bring expertise from within the Aurora Group and its partners to get the projects up and running.

Educate: For a project to work we need to educate all parties involved. Education may centre around how certain aspects of a project work e.g. functional or technology elements. Or around sanitation and healthcare benefits.

Sustain: For every project we get involved in, the biggest factor is that it must be able to be completely self-sufficient and sustainable so we can eventually take a step back. 

Our Projects:

Dream Big Ghana Partnership - Ghana

Our first project was with an NGO, Dream Big Ghana (DBG), an initiative established to provide sanitation and education to a community situated in the Volta region of Ghana, two hours from the capital, Accra. Working with the local community DBG has already provided more than 60 compost toilets benefiting over 1,200 people.

Aurora's connection with DBG came through Stephen Bradshaw, our Founder. In 2012 Stephen helped Dougal Croudace, set up the Dream Big Ghana Foundation which is a UK charity, with the NGO having already been established in 2009.

After setting up the Aurora Group in 2015, and Aurora Foundation in 2016, the values of the Foundation and those of DBG were a natural fit for each other and we started exploring how we could work together.

In October 2016, the Aurora Foundation provided funds for the community to complete their Learning Centre. Staff from Aurora visited the region and worked on the final touches of the project and were lucky enough to be at the official opening in March 2017 which was a wonderful cultural experience.  

For the next few years, we have our own dreams to be able to take the partnership further and, as and when resources permit, we hope to contribute in four key areas.  Working together with DBG, we want to help improve the quality of lives for the local communities, and also provide a valuable learning experience for our staff and students.  

1.  Create opportunities for Aurora staff and students to visit DBG

  • Assist DBG with the building of compost toilets

  • School building maintenance work

  • Teaching and healthcare work

  • Teaching and healthcare education in the community

2. Improve Girls' Education and Healthcare

  • Increase accessibility of education to girls through community centre and technology

  • Provide education to girls on healthcare and sanitation with the hope of reducing illness and fatalities from related issues

  • Increase the number of compost toilets in communities

3. Advise on Special Needs Education

  • Education on special needs to students, parents and teachers

  • Provide sustainable solutions to improve quality of life for children and adults with special needs in Ghana

4. Create mentoring and exchange programmes with teachers, carers and health workers

  • Remote mentoring

  • Staff exchange in Ghana and UK


For more information on Dream Big Ghana visit www.dreambigghana.org.uk

For more information on the Foundation please email us at: